PRE-GAME Round 10 - Broncos vs Roosters


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If we’re anything like last year. We’ll turn up for this.

I find it hard to believe myself, really, but that’s how we’ve been in recent memory. Turn up for the big games and lose the shit ones. Of course this year is different with the change of coaching philosophy, but I’m keen to see how it pans out.

Either way, it’s a great yardstick for us all to understand where we are at.

Really looking forward to it, either way.
Which is dumb. He had his first actual good game last week with the earlier minutes
Yeah, personally I would have put Flegler back to ISC just to give him a bit of a break for the upcoming Origin period and gone with Carrigan for this game.

I think we would benefit more from Carrigan's defence.


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If TPJ pulls up injured again, he needs to rest completely, rehab properly and work his way back through ISC. If he can play two back to back games of 40+ mins with no injury, then he can play NRL again. It may cost us his signature if/when he gets pissy, but he’s only damaging himself and the team by being ~60% fit
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